Posted on: September 28, 2009 12:46 pm

Snyder Isn't Going Anywhere

I understand the frustration with the owner but he isn’t going anywhere ladies and gentlemen.  Hopefully he can wake up and smell the coffee this morning.  The organization’s philosophy of trading away draft picks and acquiring high priced free agents that are past their primes is NOT WORKING!  Sure it might create hype during the off-season and sell a bunch of jerseys and season tickets, but it has not and will not help the team progress into a contender.  Also, it’s obvious the fans aren’t buying into that crap anymore.  Snyder needs to fire Vinny and bring in a coach and/or GM with superior scouting ability and a proven record for brining along and teaching young players how to play the game right!  I’m worried though, because of Snyder’s record of hiring/firing coaches…….a great coach/GM might not want anything to do with this organization.

Time to lower expectations……I, like many other Skins fans had high expectations for this season.  The defense would be stout and our offense would be much improved from last season.  Reality check please!  The reality for this season and probably the next few is that this team can’t compete with the Giants and the Eagles in the NFC east (but we can dang-sure beat the Cowboys any day of the week!). 

I vote to blow-it-up and rebuild with young talent.  It starts with building the o-line, d-line and QB.  The Giants and Eagles have given us the blue-print!  Heck, you could even look at how the Capitals blew-up their team 4-5 years ago.  Now they have the best young talent in the NHL!  I say keep our younger talent but trade any of the veterans for draft picks now!!  I’m not married to any of them.  There is not one Darrell Green, Art Monk, Joe Jacoby, Sean Taylor or John Riggins in the bunch.  The only possible exception (in my opinion) is Chris Cooley.    

Sure, we might upset a top-tier team here or there but we can’t (and won’t) do it with consistency.  We are also not as bad as the bottom-tier teams in this league.  As Zorn likes to say….we try to stay “medium”.  By my count there are at least 8 teams in the NFL that are worse than the Skins.  To me, there is no difference between being the 24th worst team or the 32nd worst team.  Actually, it would be better to be the worst.....so we would get a higher draft picks next year! 

I vote to blow this team up and start over.  Current players have no confidence and the fans don’t expect any magic out of this team.
I honestly hope they prove me wrong.  But I’ve lost any hope for this bunch.        

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